WoWRM 2.07.4 released

  • Closing the Settings without saving the changes is working again.
  • Fixed bug causing filling in the current server name in the "Run another program together with WoW" field, which led to displaying the "A problem occured while executing the program" message each time user wanted to launch the game.
  • Fixed automatic server status and ping refreshing.
Download here.

Added 04.10.2015 11:23:27

Older news

WoWRM 2.07.3 available for download

What's new:
  • Automatic login name filling.
Download here.

Added 23.09.2015 19:37:17

WoWRM 2.07.2 available for download

What's new:
  • Optional WDB clearing on server change. This can prevent glitches appearing in the game after switching to a different server for which aren't the cached data valid.
Download here.

Added 20.09.2015 17:41:44

Version 2.07.1 released

  • Automatic update fixed.
  • Availible → available.

Added 18.09.2015 20:31:47

Automatic updates failing

Just found out the application doesn't properly read its own version and tries to update even if there's no newer version available. So... I disabled 2.07 downloads for now and will enable them after the issue is fixed in 2.07.1. The users who didn't update their installation yet won't notice anything. The other ones should stop getting the update notifications.

Added 18.09.2015 10:57:09

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